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"Give them quality, that's the best kind of advertising in the world."                  

Milton Hersey



Our standard portable restroom sets the standard for the sanitation industry. This is our most popular portable toilet. With its lightweight, compact, sturdy design, and its user-friendly functionality, the standard unit is the portable restroom of choice wherever people spend significant time outdoors.

Perfect for residential and commercial worksites. Its comfortable interior is a hit at casual outdoor events such as fairs and festivals. Our standard unit offers features top to bottom, from its translucent roof to its anti-slip floors. Easy set-up and maintenance is built into the design. For a high-end level of service, the standard unit can be loaded with amenities, and accompanied with top-quality options like our hand-washing sinks and sanitizing stations.

When customers have portable restroom needs that include limited space or a limited budget, but high expectations of sanitation performance, the Spivey's standard unit is the perfect “go-to” choice. 



Features include:

  • Maximum ventilation

  • Roomy interior

  • Anti-slip floor surface for improved safety

  • Occupancy signal latch

  • Two tissue rolls

  • Sanitary seat deck and floor design

  • Translucent roof for better lighting

A Single Portable Toilet


A Handicapped Portable Toilet


The ADA Compliant Wheelchair Portable Restroom is our largest portable restroom, designed to exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act portable toilet guidelines. 

The Wheelchair Accessible Model is designed specifically with wheelchair users in mind. Accessing the portable restroom is made easy by roll-in ground level floor access, smooth handrails throughout the interior, and an oversized, self-closing door. With its spacious interior, the Handicap Unit is also the ideal unit for family-friendly events, when users will be children accompanied by a parent.

For persons with physical disabilities or mobility impairments, the Handicap Unit is great for easy access, security and comfort on a large scale.

For a higher level of service, the Handicap Unit can be accessorized with amenities, and accompanied with wheelchair accessible sinks and sanitizing stations.


A VIP Portable Toilet


Special events and premium sanitation needs demand premium portable toilets. our VIP is the premier model in the industry, engineered specifically with the satisfaction of high-end users in mind.

With 24 percent more interior floor space than other units in its class, the roomy, reliable VIP has appeal for multiple markets. Foremost, it’s a must for occasions looking to add a touch of class. Users at other types of events will benefit from the design as well. For example, the VIP offers more space for parents with children, more room for construction workers with bulky or winter gear.

No matter what the situation, the VIP is tough, and its sleek interior and exterior surfaces make maintenance quick and easy. Add sinks and sanitizing stations for total comfort. VIP includes Fresh-Water Flush, Recirculating Flush.

The VIP is the upscale portable restroom experience your VIP renters are looking for and it’s the opportunity you’ve been looking for to increase your revenue potential.


Portable Toilet for High-Rise buildings


The High Rise Unit is designed exclusively for use at high-rise construction sites! It’s easily lifted by crane and/or elevator, and at only 84 cm wide, is easy to maneuver through doorways and freight elevators. With an optional roof shown, this restroom will keep workers protected and secure wherever they are working.

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