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Toilet Sink
Toilet Sink

The Toilet Sink is the perfect add-on to any portable toilet. Anti-bacterial hand creams and foams are convenient, but they cannot match the sanitary effectiveness of using the hands-free foot operated pump to wash hands with soap and water. A sink is your convenient, hygienic, heavy-duty option for proper sanitation.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Hand Sanitizer

Here's the most convenient way yet to keep hands clean... even when water is not available! The hand sanitizer with alcohol-free antiseptic foam kills 99% of germs on hands, including E. coli and salmonella. The hand sanitizer is for everyone – from a child’s delicate hands to the roughest hands of the construction worker.

High Impact Containment Tray
Containment Tray

The perfect solution for environmental compliance and eco conscious end-users.  Thermoformed from tough, impact resistant, high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene, these trays serve as a drip tray to contain water and cleaning solutions during servicing. Trays are lightweight and can be “nested” for transport efficiency. Fluids drain towards the rear of the tray to a convenient pump-out location. The trays have a peripheral lip that guides fluids into the pan. Will fit most portable restrooms. Support ribs have been added for extra strength beneath the “runners” to help raise them out of fluids between servicing.

Toilet Trailer for Single Toilet Unit
Toilet Trailer

The Single Unit Trailer is ideal for worksites where crews need movable restrooms. Each trailer is built tough for off-road or highway use, and can be lowered to ground level for easy use! A Double Unit Trailer is also available.

Toilet Sling
Toilet Lifting Sling

Designed to move most portable restrooms around a construction site, the Lifting Sling™ is an affordable option for service needs of high-rise construction projects. With an easy-to-install on plastic skid unit, the no-rust galvanized steel sling takes your existing service to new heights.

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