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250 gallon Holding Tank
250 Gallon Holding Tank

No portable restroom area is really complete without a holding tank. Holding tanks are sanitary receptacles for waste where indoor plumbing is not an option. Both functional and discrete, holding tanks are a necessity for any long-term portable restroom rental. Whether your customers are creating an outdoor rest area for a work site or for a special event, our tanks reassure their workers or guests that waste is being stored safely.

Specialized design means that our holding tanks can be used with many of our portable restroom or sink models interchangeably.

The 250-gallon capacity allows for maximum waste storage.

150 Gallon Holding Tank
150 Gallon Holding Tank

150-Gallon Holding Tank is our smallest holding tank and an essential piece of equipment for long-term portable restroom rentals such as an outdoor rest area or a multi-day special event. Functional, discrete, and safe, the tank gives peace of mind to the workers or guests at the location.

If indoor plumbing isn’t available and bulk waste storage is essential, a holding tank is a must-have. Our 150-Gallon Holding Tank is ideal under job site trailers, RVs, emergency relief effort camps, or wherever reliable, clutter-free, maximum outdoor waste storage is needed.

250 Gallon Water Tank
Water Tank

250 gallon water tank can be used for portable showers, portable sinks, and freshwater-flush portable toilets. It’s the perfect setup for sites with large-scale water needs such as office trailers, food service trailers, workshops, and lunchrooms.

The 250 gallon Water Tank can be used in conjunction with our 250 Gallon Holding Tank to provide complete sanitation service.

Impact Resistant Containment Tray
Containment Tray

The perfect solution for environmental compliance and eco-conscious end-users.

Thermoformed from tough, impact-resistant, high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene (HMWHDPE), these trays serve as a drip tray to contain water and cleaning solutions during servicing. Trays are lightweight and can be “nested” for transport efficiency. Fluids drain towards the rear of the tray to a convenient pump-out location. The trays have a peripheral lip that guides fluids into the pan. Will fit most portable restrooms. Support ribs have been added for extra strength beneath the “runners” to help raise them out of fluids between servicing.

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