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two person hand washing station
2-Person Hand Wash
  • Capacity: 30-gallon fresh water, 30-gallon grey water

  • 450 uses per fill-up

  • Includes one soap dispenser, two paper-towel holders, and two convenient trash-bag holders

  • Hinged, lockable lid

  • Hands-free foot pump operation

  • Easy to fill, easy to service, and with built-in handles, easy to move

  • The 32" basin height makes the Applause™ convenient for everyone, including children and wheelchair users

  • Can set two stations back-to-back to create a four-station sink

Stand up hand sanitizer station
Sanitation Stand
  • Over 5,000 uses before refilling

  • Easy set-up and lightweight – only 30 pounds empty, but more than 200 pounds when base is filled with sand or water

  • Secure: Locking canopy and foam dispensers protect supplies

  • Large view window on dispensers allows quick monitoring of sanitizer levels

  • No water, no problem! Alcohol-free antiseptic foam kills 99% of germs, including E. coli and Salmonella

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