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Restroom Trailers can add that special touch to your outdoor wedding. Our restroom trailers are perfect for weddings and other outdoor events that call for the added classy touch. We can deliver and set up the trailer the day of or the day before your event.

We want you and your guests to feel like they are at home.  An attractive, temperature-controlled environment with privacy features along with stereos will make your event memorable.​


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You never know when your going to need to go, especially when you have been running for an hour. We supply toilets for the Rock n Roll Marathon and many other popular running events, such as mud runs. when it comes to logistics and planning our experience with these events makes us the number one choice. We can supply barricade fencing, signs for traffic or special routing, hand wash stations, portable toilets and if you want to make your event stand out we can add supply restroom trailers at the finish line or after event party area.



When you have thousands of people expecting sanitary clean restrooms and you are not sure about the amount of toilets or amount of services needed, you can count on Spivey to help make your event a memorable one. The details from amount of toilets, service needed, placement and timing is what makes spivey the only choice. Our experienced staff takes pride in making challenging events a success. We have thousands of restrooms and restroom accesories to choose from as well as the ability to collect and haul trash.


Nobody wants to miss a touchdown or a game changing play because they were waiting in line to use the bathroom, thats why we offer discounts on multiple toilet rentals. Because we know our sports and our industry we can make suggestions that will make your event a Home Run. We can supply disposal services for trash,  portable toilets and hand wash stations for sanitation, barricade fencing for crowd control and more. We provide toilets for the LPGA Kingsmill golf tournament, ODU Football games and everything in between.


How many toilets do I need

* Always include at least one Wheelchair Accessible Unit per “cluster of units”.

* Events lasting several days should be serviced at least once per day.

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